Diablo Supercharger Lid 2.4L/2.7L


Custom Lid engraving is quoted per project. Please email or call us to discuss. If you select the option we will reach out to you to confirm the final price.


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Introducing our Diablo Supercharger Lid for the Gen 3 HEMI IHI 2.4/2.7 Superchargers.

Our lid is fully packed with performance features that you won’t find anywhere else.  This lid adds 73 cubic inches of air intake volume to your supercharger.  We incorporated an air foil diversion panel right above the outlet of the rotors to properly direct the air charge to each intercooler bank. Built into this air foil are fuel/nitrous spray bars POST rotor to properly disperse through the intercooler bricks and into the combustion chamber.

Most vehicles will require a tune to maximize potential.

We are including built in DUAL nitrous/boost SFI burst plates on our nitrous versions to make running nitrous safer and help protect your investment.

We will also have options À la carte which will include the following:

Custom engraving
Custom colors

This product will make LARGE gains boost only, and will be the safest way to EVER run nitrous on your hellcat.. Period

We finally got in front of Covid and bad weather and had the chance to test our new non nitrous supercharger lid on our 2015 Hellcat at the House of Hook / Legions of Demons track rental and here are the results.  I’m posting my slip of my record time in our Hellcat of 9.85 at MIR last year where the temps and negative DA were nearly identical. This car has injectors, Booster pump, 2.85 pulley, 10% lower pulley, and a tune from DTP Performance. The lid is the only change we made to the car on the same Q16 tune that was not modified.  This is true results! We will have some track time with the nitrous version soon but it won’t be on this car. Stay tuned!
Lids are in stock. Polished or anodized lids add 2-3 weeks for delivery.