Thermo Clocker Thermostat Housing


Our Thermoclocker bracket has now been incorporated in a entire thermostat housing.  This housing clocks the radiator house counter clockwise to allow access to the supercharger pulley.  This modification makes it quick and easy to swap pulleys at the track.  (THE THERMOCLOCKER BRACKET IS NOT REQUIRED WITH THIS HOUSING)


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The Thermo Clocker thermostat housing rotates the coolant port counterclockwise and shifts towards the radiator giving you all of the room you need to swap supercharger pulleys in a hurry on a hot engine without burning yourself on the hose while you’re unbolting the pulley.  This is a entire thermostat housing and DOES NOT require a Thermo Clocker bracket.

Not only does it look better without the hose in the way, it also lowers the radiator hose so that you can get to the tensioner easier thus making belt changes fast and effortless.

CNC machined from 6061 billet and comes with all of the hardware you need to install it.

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